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Chinese medical professor summarizes jobs with high cancer rates

(People's Daily Online)    08:55, February 18, 2016

Workers in the mining industry have a higher risk of getting lung cancer, according to the research. (File Photo)

Zhi Xiuyi, director of the lung cancer diagnosis and treatment center at the Capital Medical University, has analyzed several jobs where workers have high rates of cancer. Reporters of Life Times summarize the suggestions of this famous Chinese medical professor and remind people to keep healthy.

"Workers in colliery, petroleum, chemical engineering and steel industries have a higher risk of getting lung cancer. A large amount of dust and harmful substances are produced during exploitation, excavation, cleaning and transportation. Long-time breathing of such mixed dust will harm the lungs of workers, "said Zhi Xiuyi.

Staying up late at night disrupts circadian clocks of human beings. (File Photo)

People who work late into the night should be careful of breast and prostatic cancer. This bad habit easily disrupts the circadian clocks of human beings. Media staff that always need to work until late at night often have higher pressure, lower sense of happiness and higher risk of getting diseases. Zhi gives suggestions to these people that they should try to live a more regular life, do more sports and keep a happy mood.

Aviators have high risk of getting skin cancer according to the research. (File Photo)

According to the research published by the UK's Office for National Statistics, Safety and Health Administration in 2009, aviators have high risk of getting skin cancer. Some researchers think it is because that those people's skins are exposed to cosmic radiation.

Programmers who sit for a long time easily get cancer. (File Photo)

According to the research of University of Regensburg in Germany, programmers and drivers are usually related to various cancers due to they always sit for a long time. The risk of getting endometrial cancer, intestinal cancer and lung cancer will increase 10 percent, 8 percent and 6 percent for every two hours longer someone sits.

"People should stand up for fifteen minutes after one or two hours work. Meanwhile, doing sports every day and regularly have three meals are also important," said professor Zhi.

This article was edited and translated from 《哪种职业患癌率最高》. Source: Life Times. The author is Bao Yuxiao.

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