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New International Relationship Must Feature Win-Win Cooperation

By Zhong Sheng (People's Daily Online)    23:54, September 25, 2015

File Photo: Chinese peacekeepers sets out to participate in United Nations Peacekeeping Operations.

Later this month Chinese President Xi Jinping and other state and government leaders will attend a series of summits celebrating the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the United Nations and reviewing the sprite of UN Charter in New York.

The moment that the final draft of the UN Charter was approved in San Francisco on June 25, 1945 will never be forgotten. China was the first nation to sign the document, which symbolizes the hope for peace that unites humanity.

“The United Nations is the hope and home of all humankind. The Charter is our compass,” UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said at a ceremony commemorating the signing of the charter in June.

The UN Charter identified the basic code of conduct and shared values of the signatory countries, including forbidding the use of force in international relations, extending the principle of sovereign equality to a global level and identifying the right to self-determination of a nation.

The charter consolidated the end of the Second World War, and since then the global order has progressed steadily towards a fair and sound future in which multilateralism is on the increase and developing countries are playing a more significant role. The law of the jungle is no longer an approach held by the majority of modern countries.

Global activities to soften regional disputes, promote disarming, prevent wider nuclear usage, protect the environment, eliminate poverty and treat diseases are operated with the empowerment from the UN.

The organization has made enormous progress by solving disputes and disagreements through cooperation and negotiation in a peaceful manner, with successes such as the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and Chemical Weapons Convention helping avoid the injuries and deaths that come with the most destructive sides of war.

Around 100 million people are no longer starving and 60 million refugees are no longer homeless thanks to the help of the UN, and thousands of ground detectors and satellites work non-stop to identify imminent natural disasters.

The UN Millennium Development Goals are an unprecedented initiative in the history of human development, with specific goals and timetables for issues including poverty elimination, sanitation, health, gender equality and environmental protection, all of which come together to improve the quality of life for the billions living on Earth.

As the most comprehensive inter-governmental organization, the UN has played an irreplaceable role in promoting the progress of human development with its focus on peace and safety, development and human rights.

“Strong UN, Better World,” the theme of the activities held to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the organization, also represents UN’s eternal chase for a shared blessing, safety and an affluent, respected life.

The UN’s 70-year journey hasn't been perfect; unfairness in international relations and violations of the UN Charter have surfaced from time to time.

The international order will adjust as time goes by, and certainly needs to be guided by positive powers. China advocates the building of a new type of international relations that feature win-win cooperation and aim towards a sound and solid implementation of the UN Charter principles that underpin the UN-centered global order.

The new international relations must focus on cooperation instead of confrontation, mutual benefits instead of monopolized interests, and a win-win approach instead of a zero-sum perspective. People from different countries will jointly safeguard world peace, they will respect and be respected by each other, and enjoy the fruits of development and a safe environment guarded by each global citizen.

The new relationship is a development and innovation of the spirit and principle reflected in the UN Charter. 

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(Editor:Luxiao Zou,Bianji)

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