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Friday, January 05, 2001, updated at 16:55(GMT+8)

90% Taiwanese Pessimistic About Taiwan's Economy

Recent poll taking in Taiwan reveals nearly 90% of Taiwanese are pessimistic about Taiwan's economy; 36% are worried about becoming unemployed; nearly 50% tell that some of their family members, friends or kith and kin have already been in dire strait and become jobless. Pervading pessimism has been felt as well among Taiwan's financiers because of a new downturn of the island's financial since the new year began.

Local media in Taiwan report that instead of having a good time at the beginning of a new century Taiwan's economy looms dark and depressing. Most of pollsters especially those from the central south of Taiwan take a pessimistic view and are worried about finding a way out for Taiwan's economy.

According to another poll taking, 76% of high-up directors in Taiwan's financial field hold that Taiwan's financial environment will further get deteriorated and in the view of 70% pollsters loans will have to be got on harsher tightened terms.

To be in sum, a scholarly view from Taiwan is that as what has been seen and felt on the island Taiwan's economy has already been totally lackluster and hard to be firmed from its deepest economic downturn.

By PD Online staff member Deng Gang

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Recent poll taking in Taiwan reveals nearly 90% of Taiwanese are pessimistic about Taiwan's

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