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WAP Service of the People's Daily Online

---Read PD News Through Your MP

What is WAP

WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) is a universal open standard that enables easy and interactive delivery of internet-based services to mobile handsets and other mobile devices.

What is the Purpose of WAP

WAP brings on-line information across the Internet such as Mobile Banking, E-Mail and many other WAP content provider's information, live and direct to your phone. The everyday information you access through your PC, made available by accessing your mobile phone.

Basic Guide to WAP Usage

WAP works similar to the internet, in fact it shares many of the same protocols. WAP even has its own programming lanaguage called WML again similar to that of the average internet page. Just as you view the Internet through a 'Web Browser' you need to view WAP with a 'Wap Browser'. Just like you type in an internet address (URL) to access a website, you do the same for a Wapsite on your phone. By accesing a 'web server' through your ISP and logging onto the Internet, with WAP you do the same and the page is then sent to and displayed on your screen.

Devices Required

WAP Access to PDonline

1. Set up your cellular phone so it can browse the internet. Refer to the "Basic Guide to WAP Usage Above. For more information, read your cellular phone manual or contact your service provider.

2. Type in the People's Daily Online's WAP site:

3. Bookmark this WAP site or set it as the homepage of your WAP browser.

4. Choose the news categories you favor: Headline, China, Business, Opinion, World, Sci-Edu, Sports and Life.

5. Read headlines or full stories whenever you wanna and wherever you are.

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