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Introduction to People's Daily

With publication started in June 1948 and a current circulation of 3 million, People's Daily is the most influential and authoritative newspaper in China. According to UNESCO, it takes its place among the world top 10.

People's Daily brings you the latest news dispatches of policy information and resolutions of the Chinese Government and major domestic news and international news releases from China. It reflects the views of the Chinese people, expounds on justice and lambasts various forms of malpractice.

Published under the People's Daily are also ten newspapers including People's Daily Overseas Edition, East China News, South China News, Market Daily, International Financial Daily, Jiangnan Times, Global Times, Securities Times, Health Times, Satire and Humor and six monthly magazines including The Earth, News Front, Listed Companies, Times Trend, People Forum.

To date, People's Daily has got the contents of its subsidiary papers and magazines onto the Internet to disseminate information throughout the world.

Mail Address:  Jintaixi Road #2, Chaoyang District, Beijing, 100733, People's Republic of China
Email:                 [email protected]

Foreign Affairs Department:         Division of Europe and America      86-010-65368975
                                                             Division of Asia and Africa                86-010-65368980
                                                             General Office                                     86-010-65368971
                                                             Fax       86-010-65368974/8984

International Department:             86-010-65368676

Global Times:                                    Editor-in-Chief                                     86-010-65369564
                                                             Vice Editor-in-Chief                             86-010-65369561/9606
                                                             General Office                                      86-010-65369564/9565
                                                             Editorial Department                          86-010-65369567/9588/9581

Introduction to People's Daily Online

People's Daily Online ( was formally launched on January 1, 1997. Since the first day of its launching. People's Daily Online has taken disseminating information from China as its primary task, making it sure that the esteemed news medium authority of People's Daily be guaranteed and its role as a major website showing great appeal, good readability and increased affinity be brought into full play.

Thanks to five years' effort made, People's Daily Online has made itself one of the most authoritative, comprehensive and influential websites and a disseminator of information claiming the largest daily amount of new releases in China.

Now it has in its possession websites in Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Japanese, French, Spanish, Russian and Arabic, altogether seven lingual versions in disseminating information and news releasing throughout the world. It has also set up mirror sites in Japan and the US, with contributions from more than 1,000 journalists from over 70 stations spreading around the world and 500-plus cooperative media as an important channel for overseas readers to know China on the Internet.

People's Daily Online Chinese Edition releases news around the clock with a daily updating of 6,000 news pieces in more than 40 channels, including Politics, International, Opinion, Economics, Sci-Education, Society, IT, Environment, Military Affairs, Entertainment, Life, Photo and so on, released in more than 25,000 special news topics and over 6,200 columns under 50 categories to show a far greater daily releasing capacity than its paternal paper People's Daily.

People's Daily Online English Edition has been available since January 14, 1998. It translates major news releases from the People's Daily, and new policies, resolutions and statements of the Chinese Government. Internet users can also find in special columns of People's Daily Online useful information about the activities of Chinese leaders, basic facts on China, and places of interest in China. People's Daily Online English Edition has been made by its commendable editing work a first-rate distributing center of information about China.

Customarily People's Daily Online makes it sure new world hot topics, thematic subjects and feature websites are presented in the interest of its readers worldwide. People's Daily Online Strong Nation Forum has by its focusing on themes for reinforcing China with greater national economic strength and national unity has produced wide repercussions among its netizens and has thus been famed as "the most renowned Chinese forum". "China NPC News" thematic website has practically become a virtual window for a glimpse of the country's democratic legal construction and an important linkage bridging the country's top legislature with the common run of people in China. "JointWeb of Chinese Local Newspapers" doubtless has been made a large-size website of People. com. cn for disseminating home news from various localities in China. As things are now with People's Daily Online, it has already had 34 local websites launched in various provinces, municipalities, autonomous regions as well as Taiwan, Hong Kong and Maocao, rising now as it has been made a national news release center for disseminating information and news releasing in China.

To convenience Internet surfers' access, online study and information feedback, People's Daily Online has also provided 8 functional services as subscription to personal electronic news reading, mails free of charge, online data retrieval and online investigation in addition to news information, policy information, laws online, short-message products etc.

People's Daily Online has by now had a daily increased influence being felt in China and abroad and its authoritative news releasing, comprehensiveness and timelines have won wide acclaim, hence many netizens say: "First go on People. com cn in case of important events!"

People's Daily OnlinePeople's Daily Online English Edition
Mail Address:Jintaixi Road #2, Chaoyang District, Beijing, 100733, People's Republic of China
Email:[email protected][email protected]

Legal Statements

PART I: Legal Credentials

Registered business website on file
Name of website 1: People's Daily Online
Name of website 2:
Name of website 3: PeopleWeb
Domain name 1:
Domain name 2:
Phone: 010-65368330
E-mail: [email protected]
Address: Jintai Xilu 2, Chaoyang District, Beijing
Proprietary state of website
Website label registration number: 0102000101300040
Registration number: 1000001003021 (2-2)
Name of enterprise: Jinbao Electronics Publishing Center
Address: Jintai Xilu 2 (4 - 1), Chaoyang District, Beijing
Registered capital: RMB 5 million yuan
Aim & business range: Engaging in publication of a wide range of treatises, reportage, theoretic/polemic writings, articles, commentaries, news coverage, interviews and other knowledge and academic electronic works from People's Daily. Also operations for developing computer software/outer equipment, computer web/information technology and new products along with marketing and providing consultation and related service.
Legal Representative: Jiang Yaping
Jing ICP certificate: 000006

PART II: Statement on Copyright

In line with stipulations of Article 3 of "Explanations of the Supreme People's Court on Some Problems Relating to Computer Web Copyrights Disputes Handling", this website declares:

  • Forbid any news media to reprint without prior written authorization of People's Daily Online any of its copyrighted web releases, writings or works (1)

  • Forbid any media to reprint without prior written authorization of People's Daily Online as the entrusted party any of its web releases, writings or works copyrighted (2) in various copyright proprietors or subsidiaries (3) of People's Daily print editions.

  • In compliance with the copyrights of proprietors, People's Daily Online specially entrusts lawyers Gao Kuanzhong and Zhan Shuguang with the duty to look after its legal work. When a copyright problem should occur, going into timely contacts with the lawyer is hoped.

    *1 Refers to releases, writings or works with "People's Daily Online" to start at the very beginning
    *2 Refers to those with copyrights by editors and journalists on duty in various divisions of People's Daily.
    *3 Refers to People's Daily, People's Daily Overseas Edition, East China News, South China News, Jiangnan Times, Global Times, Market Daily, Health Times, News Front, Times Trend, Listed Companies, The Earth, People Forum and Satire and Humor

    PART III: Statement on Copyrighted Trademarks

    PEOPLE'S DAILY ONLINE, SPORTS ONLINE, PDHEALTH, PDBOOKS, UNN, STRONG NATION Forum, PEOPLEMAIL, PEOPLEINFO, GOLDEN NEWS, GOLDEN PAPER are all legal registered trademarks of People's Daily Online. Without prior written authorization of People's Daily Online no other units or individuals have the right to use the said trademarks or as their website names.

    PART IV: Entrusted Lawyer of People's Daily Online

    People's Daily Online holds Mr. Gao Kuanzhong and Mr. Zhan Shuguang as its law consultants responsible for handling legal affairs.

    Tel: 010 8010 7210,
    Fax: 010 8010 7120
    E-mail: [email protected]; [email protected], [email protected]
    Mail address: Jintai Xilu 2, Chaoyang District, Beijing, 100733

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