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Wednesday, August 16, 2000, updated at 10:43(GMT+8)

Students Need More Sex Education: Survey

More than 80 per cent of questioned Chinese high school students admitted they have been in love at least once, according to a recent United Nation survey.

The survey also said 30.4 per cent of high school students are in favour of sex before marriage, 47.8 per cent think it is understandable and another 18.4 per cent are against pre-marital sex.

The survey, funded by the United Nations Population Fund, was conducted in five high schools in Southwest China's Chongqing Municipality and Northwest China's Shaanxi Province.

The survey, directed at helping teenagers better cope with problems associated with puberty, said young people are entering puberty earlier than previous generations.

But that does not mean they are ready for the emotional and physical changes of puberty, the survey said.

Most participants in the survey confessed they were not sufficiently informed about sex.

Systematic adolescent education is needed, the research indicated.

Bombarded by romantic love stories, sex is no longer taboo among Chinese adolescents.

When asked whether chastity is important, 63.6 per cent of those surveyed in Chongqing said it was important for both genders. But 15.2 per cent said it is important only for females, and another 6 per cent said it was not important for either gender.

More than 86 per cent said it was necessary to use contraception for fear that pre-marital pregnancy would jeopardize one's future, affect one's health, damage one's reputation and complicate future pregnancies.

Most questioned in Shaanxi said sex is a serious thing.

A total of 83.6 per cent of those surveyed think sex among teenagers is not right.

Promiscuity caused by sexual liberation in some Western countries has triggered serious social problems, the survey said. A total of 9.1 per cent approved of sex among teenagers, and 7.3 per cent did not care.

Many of the students in the survey admitted to having viewed some form of pornography.

Most of those questioned agreed that pornography is dangerous to young people and could lead them to commit sex crimes.

The students received high scores in genital health questions.

Most had a basic idea about sexually transmitted diseases, but some confused sexual incompetency and premature ejaculation with venereal diseases.

According to the survey, most students learned about sex from their relatives and friends, newspapers, medical journals, movies and other media.

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More than 80 per cent of questioned Chinese high school students admitted they have been in love at least once, according to a recent United Nation survey.

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