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US may be more involved in regional disputes in Asia: CASS

(CRI Online)

10:40, July 23, 2013

BEIJING, July 23 (Xinhuanet) -- The Chinese Academy of Social Sciences has released new analysis of US domestic and foreign policies.

As CRI's Shen Chengcheng reports, the American Blue Book 2013 is suggesting the US will be more involved in regional disputes in Asia as part of its return to Asia strategy.

Yuan Zheng is the Deputy Director of the Division of American Foreign Policy Studies under CASS's Institute of American Studies.

He says the stronger presence of the United State in the Asian-Pacific region is determined by its national interests.

"The economic relations between the US and countries within this area are closer. Also some newly rising powers, or some regional hot issues, such as the nuclear issue in the Korean peninsula, the Diaoyu Island issue, or the South China sea issue, are potential challenges to the regional peace. So the US, as a strong power, thinks it should attach great importance to the region."

The Blue Book also indicates the relationship between China, the US and Japan is the most important trilateral relationship in the world and predicts there will be a complicated interaction between these three countries on the Diaoyu Islands dispute.

The paper points out the US government believes the Chinese disputes with its neighboring countries challenges its influence in the Asia-Pacific region.

However, Liu Weidong, a researcher on American studies from the think tank, believes China, the US, and Japan, can still experience stable development.

"Obama is in his first consecutive term and during which to promote a balanced relationship within the Asian-Pacific region is his priority task. He wants to suppress what he believes an aggressive diplomatic stance taken by China on the basis of maintaining cooperation with China, while to Japan, he aims to use it to stress the presence of US in the region, but meanwhile the US is also taking cautions on the country."

Liu stresses the US will take a defensive stance towards China's rise in the long run, but Sino-US relationships have improved recently and more bilateral cooperation is likely to happen.

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