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Chinese, German PMs agree to promote cooperation, strategic partnership


08:30, May 27, 2013

BERLIN, May 26 (Xinhua) -- Visiting Chinese Premier Li Keqiang and his German counterpart Angela Merkel held talks here Sunday to map out future bilateral cooperation and reached an important consensus on deepening the strategic partnership between the two nations.

Noting both China and Germany are countries with global influence, Li said that "the significance of China-Germany ties goes quite beyond bilateral relations and bilateral ties have already entered a new phase of fast development."

He said stepping up China-Germany cooperation not only conforms to the interests of the two countries, but also benefits China-EU ties and the whole world.

China is ready to work with Germany to further promote their multi-layered and wide-ranging cooperation to push bilateral ties to a new high, he said.

The Chinese premier said the two countries should strengthen strategic communication by keeping up the current mechanisms of annual leaders' meetings and intergovernmental consultations, and enhance communication and coordination on regional and international affairs.

At present, China is stepping up efforts to realize industrialization,informatization, urbanization and agricultural modernization to upgrade its economy, said Li. "That will offer more opportunities for cooperation between the two countries."

To take full advantage of these opportunities, the Chinese premier suggested closer cooperation between the two countries' manufacturing industry on standard-making, technological innovation and personnel training, while deepening collaboration on developing information and communication technologies.

On implementing the China-Germany urbanization partnership, Li called for exemplary cooperation on building low-carbon eco-cities.

He also suggested establishing a dialogue mechanism of agriculture ministers to enhance cooperation on developing modern agriculture and enhancing food security.

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