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Secret to successful China-Germany ties lies at the top

By Guo Xinyu, Tang Zhiqiang (Xinhua)

14:24, May 24, 2013

BERLIN, May 24 (Xinhua) -- Contact at the top level, featuring an intergovernmental consultation mechanism, has been a driving force in enhancing political trust and boosting cooperation between China and Germany.

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang's upcoming official visit to Germany is expected to further consolidate the sound working relationship and advance the political mutual trust between the two nations.

The two countries have fostered a high level of mutual trust that is rarely seen between big powers, said Gu Xuewu, director of the International Relations Center for Global Studies at Bonn University.

Germany believes in China's sincere goodwill, while China is not suspicious of Germany on issues of core interests, said Gu, adding that the China-Germany intergovernmental consultation mechanism is a natural result of their mutual political trust.

Noting that the mechanism is the highest level of its kind between China and Western nations, Chinese Ambassador to Germany Shi Mingde said it plays an important role in enriching the content of the strategic partnership, promoting cooperation and charting the course of bilateral ties from the top level.

The first round of China-Germany intergovernmental consultations took place in 2011, making Germany the first EU country to hold high-level intergovernmental consultations with China.

The second round was co-chaired by former Premier Wen Jiabao and Chancellor Angela Merkel in Beijing last August, during which then Vice Premier Li Keqiang also met Merkel.

China and Germany, Li told Merkel back then, have strong economic complementarity, and should expand bilateral trade, increase mutual investment and create a fair, competitive environment so as to achieve win-win results.

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