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Chinese Premier urges market opening for Sino-French trade


09:12, April 27, 2013

BEIJING, April 26 (Xinhua) -- China and France should open their markets up wider to each other in order to increase cooperation on trade and investment, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang urged on Friday.

Li made the comments when he met visiting French President Francois Hollande in downtown Beijing. He said China and France, highly supplementary in their economies, share huge potential for cooperation.

"The two sides shall work to transfer the potential into actual product with a spirit of mutual benefit and innovation," Li told Hollande.

He also voiced his opposition to trade protectionism, suggesting the two not only concentrate on jointly exploring their domestic market, but also work together to increase their share and competitiveness in international markets.

"To give full play of cooperation between two businesses at various local levels and create fair and favorable conditions for them," the Chinese premier suggested.

Applauding the robust growth of the bilateral ties and many common interests, views and ideals shared by China and France, Li expressed his wish for the two nations to score bigger achievements in the future.

Li said China hopes to see a united, prosperous and stable Europe and will continue its support for the continent to tackle the sovereign debt issue.

Agreeing with Li's views on bilateral relations, Hollande noted that the two nations should make concerted efforts to promote global governance and tackle the challenges as the world needs France as much as it needs China.

The economies of both nations, as well as Europe, interdepend on each other and the French side will work with China to expand and step up bilateral cooperation in the various fields in an aim to yield mutual benefits, Hollande said.

The French president also expressed his appreciation for China's support to back Europe and the euro and pledged to help push forward China-EU relations.

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