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China 'not fear troubles' regarding Diaoyu Islands: official


10:25, December 29, 2012

BEIJING, Dec. 28 (Xinhua) -- Vice Foreign Minister Zhang Zhijun said Friday that China will neither create nor fear any troubles concerning the Diaoyu Islands.

He made the remarks in response to a question concerning China-Japan relations at the eighth Lanting Forum.

Zhang said the Diaoyu Island and its affiliated islets are inherent parts of China's territory, and Chinese government and its people's determination to safeguard the country's territorial sovereignty is firm.

"We hope for a stable and peaceful surrounding environment, we will not create troubles, but we definitely not fear any trouble," Zhang said.

China believes the two sides should manage the issue through talks and consultations to avoid escalation, he said.

"We hope the Japanese side can face history and reality and make correct decisions in order to properly handle the issue," he said, adding that stable and healthy bilateral relations are in the interests of the two countries and the region.

Zhang added that China has recognized that some officials in Japan's newly established cabinet have shown willingness to boost bilateral ties, adding that China hopes Japan's new government can improve ties and properly handle differences.

Zhang said China has paid great attention to the development of Japan's domestic politics and hopes Japan will follow a path of peaceful development, which he described as the premise of Japan's constructive role in maintaining regional peace and stability.

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