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Mutual respect of development rights key to broadening consensus on climate issue


08:24, November 23, 2012

BEIJING, Nov. 22 (Xinhua) -- The next round of United Nations (UN) climate talks is scheduled to begin next week in Doha, Qatar, and broadening consensus on the thorny issue is shaping up to be an arduous task for nations and parties involved.

Delegates from nearly 200 nations will try to extend the Kyoto Protocol, the existing plan for curbing greenhouse gas emissions by developed nations, the first round of which runs to the end of the year.

Extending the protocol is an imperative and daunting task, as big differences remain between parties and countries.

China has expressed hope that the conference will produce "comprehensive and balanced" results. On Wednesday, the nation's top climate change negotiator Xie Zhenhua said, "This means it will not only take care of the common interests of all human beings but also address the different realities and needs of different countries."

Developed countries, in particular, should fulfill their promises to reduce emissions, as they had a headstart in sparking global warming and they enjoy more resources in funding and technology to combat climate change.

Developing countries should also make contributions to curbing emissions, but their development rights should be respected. Their emerging economic growth will unavoidably discharge pollutants, but the amount of pollutants can be controlled through scientific means.

China's economy became the world's second largest at the same time that pollution became a major issue in the country. This is a painful truth that the country has itself realized and taken concrete measures to address.

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