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International opinions hail China's development path


08:30, November 12, 2012

BEIJING, Nov. 11 (Xinhua) -- China's development path over the past decade has gained extensive recognition by international opinions, as the ongoing 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC), which opened here Thursday, catches world attention.

The remarkable achievements China has made should be credited to its unswervingly adherence to the path of socialism with Chinese characteristics, foreign observers said.

Ruslan Izimov, a research fellow at the Kazakhstan Institute for Strategic Studies, said the CPC's greatest contribution is its adoption of the reform and opening-up policy more than 30 years ago, which put China on a course of socialism with Chinese characteristics.

Claude Kabemba, director of the Southern Africa Resource Watch, said China has set a development pattern which has made hte country stronger and its people wealthier.

Meanwhile, it also served as an example for the developing countries, especially for the African ones, Kabemba said.

Julie Bishop, deputy leader of Australia's Liberal Party, said that China has stuck to the path of peaceful development and lifted billions of people out of poverty. It was an extraordinary achievement never seen before in human history, she added.

Her views were echoed by the Handelsblatt, a German language business newspaper, which carried an article, saying that China's accomplishment made since the reform and opening-up is well known to all.

"China is the first, maybe the only Communist country to succeed in helping billions of people get rich in world history," the article said.

Pierre Picquart, who holds a doctorate in geopolitics and human geography at the University of Paris-VIII, said China will provide the world with a brand-new growth model, which is more harmonious and peaceful. Recommendations:

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