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A decade in pictures

By Ai Yang (CNTV)

16:35, October 30, 2012

A photo exhibition featuring China’s progress in various fields over the past decade has opened in Beijing. The month-long show details achievements in, among others, political, economic, cultural and social sectors.

As the 18th national congress of the Chinese Communist Party draws near, China is looking back over the past ten years. At the Beijing Exhibition center, thousands of photos are on display, demonstrating the country’s development.

Some of the moments, such as the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008, the manned Shenzhou-9 space mission in 2012, are impressing many.

Visitor said, "China’s science and technology development is so fast, even as a factory worker I’ve seen technology quickly upgrade over the ten years, and instead of manual operation, much factory work is now controlled by computers."

Visitors are also attracted by the Olympic Games section. Four years ago, China hosted the event for the first time. The nation was eager to show the world its keenness and readiness.

Visitor said, "I was so excited at the time. Even now the memory is fresh. I was a volunter during the Olympic Games and I’ll always be proud of that."

China takes pride in its social welfare development. The number of people covered by basic medical care has risen from just 100 million in 2003, to more than 95 percent of its population by the end of last year. These photos document some of the step by step improvements in community service, low income aid and care for the seniors.

The exhibition is employing new media including video clips and electronic devices to make the show more vivid and impressive in reviewing China’s past ten years.


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