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French media's zeal for interpreting China in every aspect

(People's Daily Online)

08:23, November 07, 2012

Walking into the subway in Paris, "A Bite of China" – exhibition posters of Chinese Food Culture can be seen everywhere. In the streets of Paris, elements of Chinese characteristics have become increasingly common.

Le Monde, one of the world's most serious newspapers, published a special issue named Rising of Emerging Powers on its diplomatic edition a few days ago. It writes in its preface that the strong growth of emerging powers, especially of China, has mitigated the impacts of the financial crisis; and China, a country once bullied by all western powers in the 19th century, has now become the frontrunner in global economic growth. The special issue, in which China takes the largest proportion and has been mentioned for the most times, mainly introduces the impacts caused by the rising of emerging market economics to world patterns.

In fact, after China became the world's second largest economy, researches about it in every respect grow fast in France. Books about traveling to China and Chinese language learning are growing in both inventory quantity and sales volume in bookstores.

Meanwhile, news stories covering every aspect about China has also been on the rise. Besides the fields of China's politics and economy, its culture and people's life have also been reported.

Not long ago, Le Figaro presented a full page introduction of China's rapidly developing smartphone market. It wrote, "China's mobile phone users exceeds 1 billion, one-fourth of which being smartphone users. China has surpassed the United States to become the world's largest smartphone market." It also observed and reported the unique feature of China's market, that is, some world-fashionable brands like iPhone and Anycall are facing unprecedented challenges from some Chinese domestic brands. The article took some Chinese brands like Lenovo, Huawei, and ZTE for example and explained, "These vendors have a large domestic market for product testing, and will march into the overseas market once the opportunity is propitious."

Since the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the French media have become increasingly aware of the importance of news about China, and started to open special columns about China successively. After the outbreak of the international financial crisis, China's sustained rapid economic development has attracted worldwide attention. Researches about the reasons for China's success, from monetary policy to labor cost, and from investment to foreign trade have become a boom.

Read the Chinese version:法媒热衷解读中国方方面面(中国气息扑面来); Source: People's Daily; Author:Li Zhiwei

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