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2 jailed for selling fake branded dresses

By  Ke Jiayun  (Shanghai Daily)

08:03, July 09, 2013

Two shop owners, who sold fake Disney-brand children's garments worth more than 700,000 yuan (US$114,030), were sentenced to three years with a four-year reprieve and two and a half years with a three-year reprieve, Yangpu District People's Court said yesterday. They were also told to pay a fine of 180,000 yuan and 100,000 yuan, respectively.

Prosecutors said one convict, surnamed Wang, opened a children's dress shop on Qipu Road and sold fake dresses of the Disney brand with the other suspect, surnamed Ye, since March last year.

Their sales income reached over 700,000 yuan by last July, the court heard.

Police launched an investigation and suspected the two person had sold goods with counterfeit registered trademark.

They searched their shop and arrested Ye last July and seized 58 fake Disney children's wear. Wang turned himself to the police later.

The two owners handed over all their illegal profits during the trial besides the fines.

The court said Wang was the chief culprit, while Ye got a lighter punishment as he was only the accomplice.

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