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19 foreigners arrested for shoplifting

By Zha Minjie   (Shanghai Daily)

13:13, June 27, 2013

Nineteen foreigners who were part of two organized shoplifting groups that stole goods amounting to more than 300,000 yuan (US$48,811) from famous clothing stores in the city have been captured, police said.

The suspects, from Southeast Asian countries that police would not name, are in custody but have not been tried or deported yet, investigators said.

The thefts were discovered in mid-May when one woman was caught by a plainclothes officer who followed her at a Zara store on downtown Nanjing Road.

She was caught as she tried to flee after being alerted by an accomplice, police said.

An investigation led to the detention of 11 others - four men and seven women. Police also seized more than 1,000 articles of clothing at their residence in a hotel.

Tags on the clothing had been altered to avoid suspicion, and the gang intended to take them to their home countries for sale.

Another shoplifting group was busted the same month and seven other foreigners were nabbed.

Police are still investigating.

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