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Police on lookout for karaoke assailant

By Ni Yinbin (Shanghai Daily)

09:33, May 22, 2013

Shanghai police are hunting for a man who allegedly stabbed two men during a dispute at a karaoke bar in Yangpu District on Monday night, reported.

A KTV patron, surnamed Ju, and an employee of the entertainment venue surnamed Cheng, were stabbed. Their conditions were said to be stable last night.

Police are investigating. They spoke to the Fengjingwan KTV staff on 1055 Pingliang Road where the incident happened.

Police was also asking residents living nearby if they could identify the suspect.

The incident happened about 11:40pm on Monday.

Ju, who was in Room 818, quarreled with patrons of Room 888, leading to a free-for-all. The alleged assailant then challenged Ju when he was about to leave.

When Cheng tried to intervene in the tiff, he and Ju were both stabbed.

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