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Police recover luggage filled with cash

(Shanghai Daily)

15:55, March 13, 2013

Shanghai railway police helped a passenger recover 210,000 yuan after his luggage was mistakenly taken away by a traveler sitting next to him, today's Shanghai Morning Post reported.

Last Friday the passenger surnamed Huang rode a high-speed train from Beijing to Shanghai and suddenly found his hand luggage disappeared. Huang said he immediately called the railway police because there was 210,000 yuan cash in his luggage. The money was for his younger brother to buy a house.

After screening passengers on the train for about 40 hours, police finally pinned on a man sitting next to Huang. The man, surnamed Chen, mistook Huang's luggage as his own when he got off at Ji'nan Station, according to Sun Ping, an official with the Shanghai Railway Public Security Department.

Chen said he also felt anxious when the luggage did not belong to him and was at a loss how to return the luggage when the police contacted him.

Police reminded passengers to place hand luggage in sight on the overhead rack.

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