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Police search for parents after baby girl found in park

By Zha Minjie (Shanghai Daily)

08:26, May 06, 2013

ShanghaiI police are looking for the parents of a baby girl after they allegedly abandoned her in a downtown park over the weekend.

The girl, now in a hospital, was said to have cerebral palsy, Xinmin Evening News reported.

The baby, about 12-months old, was found in a stroller in Huajing Park in Xuhui District late on Saturday night by a passer-by surnamed Meng, who was taking a walk at the time.

Meng told the newspaper the stroller contained a feeding bottle, two pieces of clothing and several bottles of pills.

After waiting several minutes without anyone arriving to pick up the girl, Meng called police.

Police told the newspaper there were no identification papers or contact information with the girl. She was taken to a hospital, which was contacting welfare organizations to care for the baby.

Lawyers in Shanghai said it's a crime to desert children and those found guilty face up to five years in prison.

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