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Girl with cerebral palsy recovers after massages for 5 years

By Ke Jiayun (Shanghai Daily)

10:23, March 19, 2013

A young girl with cerebral palsy has recovered after her mother gave her hourly massages for the past five years in Puchen City, Fujian Province, Qianjiang Evening News reported.

The mother, Ji Shoulan, was cited as saying she was totally grief stricken when she learned her five-day-old daughter had cerebral palsy. She told the newspaper she would not give up and decided to massage her daughter every hour in the hopes she would get better.

"I believed that as long as I had confidence, my daughter would sense my thoughts and gradually recover," she told the newspaper.

Her love and determination took a physical toll on Ji. She told the newspaper she slept only three to four hours each night and that she was in poor health.

Ji was cited as saying it was worth it, adding her daughter now acts like a regular five year old now and she loves dancing.

"I'm sure life will be better and better." Ji told the newspaper.

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