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China's urban public cemeteries inadequate: report


19:04, March 28, 2013

BEIJING, March 28 (Xinhua) -- China still lacks public cemeteries in urban areas, and should make greater efforts to build more non-profit public cemeteries, said a report on Chinese funeral development issued on Thursday.

Prominent problems still exist in public cemeteries, including no special budgets, imperfect laws and regulations, and difficulties in operation and maintenance, according to the report, jointly published by the 101 Research Institute of the Ministry of Civil Affairs and the Social Sciences Academic Press.

As Chinese society ages, the growing number of deaths means the country has more need for cemeteries. However, the scarcity of public burial facilities in urban areas enables commercial cemeteries to monopolize the market, leading to high prices, noted the report.

It suggested that relevant departments should make laws and regulations in a timely manner, increase financial support to set up a long-term mechanism, and include public cemetery construction into financial budgets.

The report also called for greener funerals and supervision over the operation of public cemeteries.

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