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Beijing taxi fares may rise, starting from April


19:29, March 28, 2013

Taxi fees may rise in April in Beijing, China National Radio reported on Thursday citing unnamed sources.

A taxi driver may charge 15 yuan ($2.40) for a trip within 3 kilometers, and an additional 2.40 yuan for every kilometer beyond that. The price is currently 10 yuan within 3 kilometers and 2 yuan for every additional kilometer.

Higher fees are charged if the trip is made at night and distance exceeds 15 kilometers, the report said.

The news has yet to be confirmed by the municipal authorities. But major portals, including the website of Xinhua News Agency, reported the news on Thursday.

The municipal traffic authority said earlier this year in a document that it would improve the pricing system to encourage taxi drivers to seek more business.

It has become increasingly difficult to get a taxi during rush hours in Beijing, as many taxi drivers prefer to suspend their business due to high operating costs, such as rising gas prices, media reported.

The release of the document has prompted immediate speculation that the taxi charge in Beijing, which has remained unchanged for years, is likely to change.

The price increase may help make it easier to get a taxi in Beijing, according to the report.

But the possible price increase has also caused worries and dissatisfaction among some residents.

Some blamed high commission fees taxi drivers have to pay to their companies as the reason why taxi drivers are dissatisfied.

"Why not pressure taxi companies to reduce their commission fees?" Zhaobaike, a netizen said at Sina Weibo. "In this way drivers can have more pay and residents can get a taxi more easily."

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