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Kindergartener tops list of Shanghai women's favorite jobs

By Shi Yingying  (

10:27, March 26, 2013

Kindergarten teacher is the favorite occupation of Shanghai women, according to the report from the East China Institute of Talent Science.

More than 35 percent of Shanghai females chose teacher as their preference when given an occupational choice, and most of them would like to work in kindergartens.

The Shanghai Morning Post listed the major reasons for the job's popularity, including the job's stability, economic security, and months of winter and summer vacation.

Shanghai needs at least 10,000 kindergarten teachers in the next three years, according to the Ministry of Education.

The new standards for kindergartens, drafted by the ministry, say that full-time kindergartens must be equipped with three teachers for each of its classes, while two teachers are needed for each half-day class.

Human resource and administrative positions followed kindergarten teacher as Shanghai women's second- and third-favorite occupations, with 17 percent of them choosng the former and 14 percent the latter.

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