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Free Wi-Fi set to come soon to bus

(Shanghai Daily)

08:17, November 28, 2012

FREE Wi-Fi service will soon be available on a downtown bus route as a step toward gradually extending the service to all 500-plus bus routes starting next year.

Shanghai Bashi Group, a local major bus operator, said yesterday signed an agreement with China Mobile, one of China's major telecom companies, to provide the service onboard the No. 49 bus route in response to passengers' demands.

The telecom company is also testing a 4G signal on the No. 49 and No. 926 bus routes running downtown.

"Users will have faster access to the Internet on the buses with the introduction of 4G," said Han Yi, general manager of the customer department of the company's Shanghai branch.

The planned bandwidth would be more than 1 megabyte on the bus, which would be enough for 20 to 25 passengers to browse the Internet at the same time.

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