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Jet fighter engineer dies


09:46, November 27, 2012

The lead engineer on China's new J-15 fighter jet, Luo Yang, died of a heart attack on Sunday, shortly after watching the aircraft's first landing on the country's new aircraft carrier.

Luo, 51, was also the general manager of the State-owned Shenyang Aircraft Corporation (SAC), which developed the J-15.

Flags at the company's compound in Shenyang, Liaoning Province, were lowered and a sign commemorated Luo's passing with the message "Mourn Luo Yang."

Luo complained he was not feeling well during the flight training session around noon Sunday and collapsed.

Efforts to revive him at hospital failed, the company's obituary said.

Luo headed the production phase of the J-15 fighter jet, which was designed to land on the aircraft carrier, the Liaoning.

Xinhua - Global Times

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