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Tutor sacked over student death in Qingdao


14:18, November 23, 2012

A university tutor in East China has been sacked over an incident in which a drunken student plunged to her death.

Liu Xiao'ao, a freshman at Qingdao Qiushi College, died after falling from a fourth-floor restaurant toilet window at about 10:30 pm on Oct 27.

The 19-year-old had been having dinner with four other students and six teachers before the accident, and they had drunk up to 48 bottles of beer, the Peninsula City News reported.

A postmortem examination found excessive alcohol levels in Liu's blood, and dismissed the possibility of murder, police said.

The student's father blamed the college for allowing his daughter to drink too much.

On Wednesday, the college, in Shandong province, issued an apology on its website, saying that it has reached a compensation deal with Liu's family.

The president of the college received a serious warning from the city government, while a teacher, who was not named but was at the dinner that night, was dismissed, the statement said.

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