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Court sides against woman who sued supermarket for damaged reputation

(Global Times)

11:18, November 14, 2012

Jing'an District People's Court has dismissed a woman's 50,000 yuan ($8,030) lawsuit against a supermarket that she accused of damaging her reputation, the court said Tuesday.

A security guard at an underground supermarket on the Nanjing Road West stopped the plaintiff, whom the court called Jiang Xia, on June 27 after she bought some fruits and vegetables, according to a press release from the court.

A store surveillance video showed that the security guard removed Jiang's purchases from her shopping cart, according to the press release. At one point, the guard handed Jiang's cucumbers to a cashier, who returned them a short time later. Jiang then left the store.

Jiang said that the security guard had insulted her by checking to make sure she had paid for all of her purchases and had shouted at her in public. Jiang also said she was angry that the guard didn't apologize. In her lawsuit, she demanded an apology and compensation for her emotional distress.

Although the court said that it was improper for the security guard to check Jiang's purchases, the plaintiff failed to provide any evidence that the incident damaged her reputation.

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