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China-Russia "Cooperation 2013" joint training concludes in Beijing

(China Military Online)

14:36, June 24, 2013

BEIJING, June 21 (ChinaMil) -- The 10-day-long "Cooperation 2013" joint training between the Chinese People's Armed Police Force (CPAPF) and Russian Domestic Security Force wrapped off yesterday in Beijing. The participants of the joint training gave a demonstration performance of the achievements made in the joint training at the CPAPF Special Police Academy yesterday afternoon.

The CPAPF and the Russian Domestic Security Force have been constantly developing their friendly relations since the establishment of the bilateral contacts in 1993. Before this joint training held in Beijing, the two sides previously conducted a joint anti-terrorism drill, "Cooperation 2007," in Moscow in early September that year.

The demonstration of the joint training achievements focused on capturing and wrestling, shooting with sniper rifles and pistols, shooting in group searching, climbing and hunters’ challenge.

In the past ten days, 46 personnel from the Snow Leopard Commandoes under the CPAPF, and 29 soldiers from a special operation unit of Russian Domestic Security Force completed in mixed groups the three phases of the joint training, i.e. the training of basic subjects, the training of application subjects and the training of tactics.

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