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East China Sea Fleet successfully completes high-sea training mission

(China Military Online)

08:41, May 23, 2013

BEIJING, May 22, (ChinaMil) -- The high-sea training taskforce under the East China Sea Fleet of the Navy of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) returned to a military port in Fujian province on the afternoon of May 21 after successfully completing a 16-day-long high-sea training mission.

The naval taskforce, composed of the "Huaihua" and "Foshan" guided-missile frigates and the "Qiandaohu Lake" comprehensive supply ship, sailed successively through the sea areas of the Western Pacific, the Bashi Channel, the Xisha Islands and so on, with a total voyage of 4,000-plus nautical miles.

The naval taskforce completed drills of 20-odd subjects, including maneuver in vast sea area, comprehensive offence-and-defense operations, replenishment at sea, battlefield wound rescue and so forth.

According to Chen Lin, commander of the taskforce, the equipment was subject to the test of continuous, long-period and high-intensity usage through this high-sea training. Methods of training and fighting on oceans were explored for the frigate taskforce, and the capabilities of the troop units to carry out related tasks were also tested.

Chen Liu said that the taskforce also gathered a large amount of data about the weather, hydrology, and the taskforce logistical support in relevant sea areas, and accumulated valuable information for future high-sea trainings.

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