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Navy warships head for West Pacific training


20:27, May 06, 2013

ABOARD HUAIHUA WARSHIP, May 6 (Xinhua) -- A fleet of the Chinese People's Liberation Army Navy departed from a military port in east Fujian Province for open-sea drills in the west Pacific Ocean on Monday.

The fleet will run combat readiness patrols and day-in, day-out sailing exercises, as well as comprehensive offense and defense exercises, and practice of ship-helicopter coordination and non-war military operations.

It consists of missile frigates Huaihua and Foshan, and the Qiandaohu supply ship, all from the Navy's Donghai Fleet.

Chen Lin, commander of the fleet, said the drill will enhance the frigates' continuous combat capability at sea and their capability based on information systems.

The exercise is part of the annual military training plan of the Chinese Navy. And the fleet is the fourth one sent by the Navy to the west Pacific Ocean for training this year. Conducting open-sea drills in public waters conforms with international law and the common practices of navies around the world.

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