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Buyers lured by local goods

By SHEN JINGTING  (China Daily)

08:23, May 06, 2013

Haval H6 sport utility vehicle has become a popular made-in-China product among the Chinese. According to a 2013 China customers' loyalty study conducted by marketing research firm Epsilon, there is a growing preference among Chinese people to buy made-in-China products. Provided to China Daily

Foreign brands no longer top choice for Chinese customers, says survey

Chinese customers are no longer swayed by the lure of foreign brands and would instead prefer to buy more brands that are made in China, a survey said.

According to the 2013 China customers' loyalty study conducted by marketing research firm Epsilon, six out of the 10 Chinese respondents endorsed foreign brands. However, there is a growing preference to buy products that are made in China. Local-brand supporters have grown to 43 percent from 31 percent in 2011, the report said.

Such trends are already visible in the Chinese fashion industry. In March, China's first lady Peng Liyuan sparked off a craze for Chinese brands after dressing up in Chinese-made apparel for diplomatic visits.

Her elegant dressing code was dubbed by netizens as "Liyuan style". Analysts argued that Peng's support for domestic labels had stirred interest in local products and also helped attach a new, sophisticated image to Chinese-made clothes.

"Since local brands started to improve quality, establish appeal and step up their sophistication, they have garnered a bigger share from Chinese shoppers," said Viven Deng, client services director of Epsilon China.

Chinese brands have started to win hearts not only from buyers pursuing extensive product features, but also from picky local consumers who previously stuck to foreign labels, she added.

Qi Lulu, a Beijing college student, who used to be a customer of leading international clothing brands such as Burberry and Polo Ralph Lauren, said she now focuses more on local brands.

"I buy dresses online, and I have found some domestic brands that have exquisite taste," the 22-year-old woman said. Recently, Qi fell in love with a Beijing brand called Liebo, which featured traditional Chinese flavors and colorful patterns.

Self-branded products from other industries, such as cars and consumer electronics, are also growing in popularity. More Chinese people said they would support Chinese-made cars, especially after the Diaoyu Island dispute between China and Japan. Currently, Japan is still the major car vendor in the Chinese car market.

With a more than 1.1 billion mobile population in hand, China has grown into the world's biggest smartphone market. The country manufactured the most number of smart devices, 224 million units, across the world last year.

Four out of the top five smartphone vendors in the Chinese market are domestic brands, with the South Korea-based Samsung Electronics Co the only international player in the list.

Huawei Technologies Co and ZTE Corp even successfully ranked as the world's third and fifth smartphone manufacturer in the fourth quarter last year, according to research firm IDC Corp.

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