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Chinese peacekeepers to Darfur visit local primary school

(China Military Online)

08:39, April 26, 2013

BEIJING, April 25, (ChinaMil) -- Some officers and men of the 7th and 8th Chinese peacekeeping forces to Darfur in Sudan who are carrying out rotation and handover came to the Nyala China-Sudan Friendship Primary School 10 kilometers away from their barracks to see pupils at the school on the afternoon of April 24, 2013, local time.

The Nyala China-Sudan Friendship Primary School was a project funded by the Chinese Embassy in Sudan and built by the officers and men of the Chinese peacekeeping force to Sudan. The officers and men of the Chinese peacekeeping forces stationed in Darfur have established deep friendship with the Nyala China-Sudan Friendship Primary School for a long time. The officers and men of each batch of Chinese peacekeeping force offered their assistances to the school as much as possible and visited the teachers and pupils during their mission periods, according to Wu Shuchen, Chinese military attaché to Sudan.

The officers and men of the 7th Chinese peacekeeping force have been to the school on construction missions for many times and organized two visiting activities to present some stationeries and sports equipment.

"We are very grateful that the Chinese peacekeeping officers and men have done a lot for us in the past years including helping repair school buildings and bringing stationeries and sports equipment," said Dioright Mustafa Osman, principal of the school.

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