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Qi Jianguo meets with U.S. guests

(China Military Online)

08:50, April 18, 2013

BEIJING, April 17, (ChinaMil) -- Qi Jianguo, deputy chief of general staff of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) and chairman of the China Institute for International Strategic Studies (CIISS), met with a visiting delegation of the U.S.-China Policy Foundation (USCPF) on the morning of April 16, 2013 in Beijing.

Qi Jianguo said that currently, China-U.S. relations are at a significant historical juncture of establishing a new relationship between the two big powers. As an important component of the relations between the two countries, the relations between the two militaries are bound to develop more healthily and steadily as long as the two sides always view and deal with the relations between the two militaries from the strategic height, strengthen dialogues, enhance mutual trust and deepen bilateral cooperation.

The delegation, including Charles Freeman, former U.S. assistant secretary of defense, William J. Fallon, former commander of the U.S. Pacific Command, and Chi Wang, cochair of the USCPF, came to visit China at the invitation of the CIISS.

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