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Vice premier stresses steady growth, environmental protection


08:07, May 16, 2013

HOHHOT, May 15 (Xinhua) -- Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli has called for greater efforts to ensure steady economic growth, industrial restructuring and environmental protection.

Zhang made the remarks while visiting north China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region from Monday to Tuesday.

The Chinese economy has been moving steadily alongside advances, as well as concerns, he said.

Facing complicated and volatile economic environments both at home and abroad, enterprises should follow guidelines from the central economic work conference to transform economic growth patterns and restructure industries, Zhang said.

He called for more efforts to boost domestic demand, support enterprises with better markets, products and efficiency, and prioritize projects related to people's livelihood and essential infrastructure.

He also urged canceling administrative approvals to loosen grip on enterprises, and creating a fair competition environment for all businesses through reforms.

Tackling production overcapacity should be a chance for industrial restructuring, while certain high-technology and high added-value industries should be boosted to attain green, low-carbon and sustainable development, Zhang said.

To protect people's health, further measures should be mapped out for tackling public complaints on pollution, including smog, Zhang said.

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