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President Xi hails Tsinghua-Blackstone scholarship program


08:24, April 22, 2013

BEIJING, April 21 (Xinhua) -- Chinese President Xi Jinping has hailed a scholarship program at the Beijing-based Tsinghua University, urging deepened exchanges among learners across the world to promote mutual understanding and a better future for the mankind.

Xi made the remarks in a congratulatory letter to Sunday's launch ceremony of Schwarzman Scholars program jointly founded by Tsinghua University and Stephen A. Schwarzman, Chairman of U.S. investment and advisory firm Blackstone.

The program offers a one-year study for postgraduates selected from around the world to hone their international perspective and leadership quality, according to a statement on the official website of Tsinghua University.

"The human society needs to foster talents, pass on knowledge and explore the unknown through the means of education in order to understand and transform the world and create a better future for human beings," Xi said in the letter.

Xi stressed that overcoming various challenges in the course of human development requires the joint efforts from people across the world, and exchanges should be deepened to promote the mutual understanding and innovative inspirations among students from all countries.

Vice Premier Liu Yandong said at the launch ceremony that higher education, as a key part of humanistic exchange, should create favorable environment for the fostering of students with global vision and outstanding comprehensive capabilities so as to contribute to the peace and development of the 21st century.

Liu urged Tsinghua University to continue reform and innovations in its strengthened efforts to enter the rank of the world's leading universities.

U.S. President Barack Obama also sent a congratulatory letter to the launch ceremony, calling for cooperation between nations and peoples to cope with challenges.

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