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President Xi: Anti-corruption efforts need to draw on heritage


10:25, April 21, 2013

BEIJING, April 20 (Xinhua) -- Chinese President Xi Jinping has said that the country's anti-corruption efforts need to draw on successful practices both at home and abroad.

Xi made the remarks during the fifth group study of the Political Bureau members of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee on Friday.

Xi, also General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, and other Political Bureau members listened to a lecture by Professor Bu Xianqun and Fang Ning from Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

"To further promote anti-corruption efforts, we need to carry forward the successful experiences gained through the Party's long-term anti-corruption practice," Xi said when presiding over the group study.

"We need to actively draw on effective practices conducted by foreign countries around the world, and our own valuable heritage," he said.

President Xi said studying China's anti-corruption history and learning from the ancient anti-corruption culture will help promote the cause by using historical wisdom.

President Xi said that to realize the great rejuvenation of Chinese nation, the CPC must maintain strict Party disciplines and improve the Party's capabilities for administration and resisting corruption so as to ensure that the Party is always the strong leading core of the socialist cause with Chinese characteristics.

Xi said that the CPC has regarded anti-corruption struggle as an issue that concerns the Party and country's survival or extinction, because there are many historical lessons home and abroad.

The core of the anti-corruption struggle is to always maintain the Party's flesh-blood relationship with the people and avoid being isolated from the people, Xi said.

"To do this," he said, "the Party must make great efforts to solve corruption problems."

The President stressed that the CPC Central Committee's campaign to improve the Party's work style by fighting against formalism, bureaucracy and extravagance is an entry to promote the anti-corruption cause.

"All Party members must keep high mental vigilance and gain more public trust for the Party by new progress in the anti-corruption struggle," Xi said.

Talking about the morality education for the Party officials, President Xi said it plays a fundamental role in preventing corruption and keeping a high standard of morality is a basic requirement for the Party officials to keep cleanhanded.

The President reaffirmed that the Party's discipline authorities must crack down on both "tiger" and "fly", the figures used by Xi in a January speech to refer to, respectively, officials who commit major and minor crimes of corruption.

The key measure for the anti-corruption struggle is to improve the supervision and restriction mechanism for power, Xi said, adding that the Party should restrict power by the cage of regulations and ensure the legal system work.

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