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Premier: Transforming gov't functions is new cabinet's first task


20:17, March 21, 2013

BEIJING, March 21 (Xinhua) -- Premier Li Keqiang announced that the transformation of government functions is the first task for the newly-elected State Council, China's cabinet, but warned that it is an "arduous" task.

Li made the remarks at the first plenary meeting of the new cabinet on Wednesday.

He asked all departments to act conscientiously to achieve various tasks concerning transforming government functions within the time limit, urging them not to be superficial in the reform by only "changing the liquid but not the drugs."

While enhancing administration at the macro level, government departments should let go of micro administrative matters and let the market or society decide, Li said.

Li, however, ordered enhanced supervision on projects that have already been approved.

Transforming government functions will be a "great remedy" for promoting non-government investment and employment, as well as for improving companies' competitiveness and boosting economic and social vitality, he said.

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