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Chinese Dream: necessary for both China and the world

(People's Daily Online)

16:13, February 07, 2013

Dream means human's common pursuit; all people around the world have their own dreams, and China is no exception.

Chinese people today have dreams as well. The thirty odd years of reforms and opening up have made China advance considerably. In this process, many people, most of whom are unknown, did a lot for the nation and paid a high price, with their work, health and even lives. Their pursuit of dreams was not free of turns and twists, but they managed to overcome difficulties one after another and finally made their dreams come true. They are undoubtedly happy.

But there is another aspect of the truth which cannot be ignored. The worship of money has penetrated into some people's values. For them, satisfaction of material desires is more important than anything else; the spiritual pursuit is negligible. This is a terrible reality. It lends weight to the fact that the General Secretary proposed the "Chinese Dream" at an appropriate time.

In my opinion, "Chinese Dream" has distinctive features: Firstly, pursuers are many. About 300 million peasant workers have immigrated to big cities since the reform and opening up. They have brought about dramatic changes to both cities and China as a whole. This reveals how powerful the "Chinese Dream" is.

Secondly, dreams are full of meanings. China is an ancient country with thousands of years of history. Out of all the world's great civilizations, the Chinese civilization is the only one that has never been interrupted. But in modern times, China has declined and its culture has been the subject to long-term humiliation.

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