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Video: Party delegates view achievements in past ten years


18:08, November 07, 2012

The Communist Party of China will hold its 18th National Congress on Thursday in Beijing. Most of the Party delegates have now arrived in Beijing to attend the Congress that takes place once every five years. The delegates agree that in the past 10 years, China has made enormous achievements, such as lifting the urbanization rate to over 50 percent, completing the Three Gorges Project and the Qinghai-Tibet Railway, hosting the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, and conducting manned space missions and deep-sea expeditions. However, there are still many things to be improved too. CCTV interviewed some members for their opinion on the country’s future development.

Guo Mingyi, highway administrator, Anshan Mining Company, said,"I would say people’s living standards. The country’s economy is growing fast, but there’s a gap between the rich and poor, so I think the distribution of wealth should be improved. The future economic growth pattern should be designed to raise people’s living standards across the board, such as increasing the number of jobs and level of wages, and more attention should be focused on vulnerable groups, such as the disabled, to help improve their lives."

Wu Zhongqiong, director of Liaoning Science & Technology Dept. said,"My job is to figure out what role technology plays in future social and economic development. I think technology will soon be the main driving force behind development and the country’s social and economic transition."

Ji Fenglan, director of Liaoning Dept. of Land Resources, said,"My main responsibility is the management of resources, such as farmland protection, collective land transfer and marketing... China’s rural population should participate in farmland protection, and farmers’ rights should be further protected in the future. And...I think we should build three platforms, which cover high-quality farmland construction, farmland management and land reclamation."

Wang Hui, team leader of Fushun Licheng Drain Project Construction, said,"I work at the production line of a city drainage facility construction group. I hope the country will focus more on urban environmental concerns, particularly on water drainage. I think the design of city drainage systems must be forward looking. Beijing was waterlogged this July because of the heavy rains, which wouldn’t happen if the water drainage system was improved."

Liu Rihui, chief physician of China Medical University, Liaoning Center Hospital, said,"I come from the grass-root unit and I know that for some people, it’s still too expensive to see a doctor. Although the country has policies in place to protect people’s rights, there are still many in rural areas who can’t afford medical expenses. So I hope the country will push forward with medical reforms and perhaps if more private hospitals were built, we could see what they could do for the medical reforms." Most viewed commentaries

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