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An unauthorized museum in Hebei under investigation

(CRI Online)

09:11, July 15, 2013

A folk museum which was built with an investment of 50-million yuan in a village in Jizhou city, Hebei province is now under investigation for housing fake cultural relics.

The discovery of fake collections came from writer Ma Boyong, a popular Beijing-based writer of short stories and novels, who recently visited Ji-Bao-Zhai museum. He then reported on his micro-blog that many of the items exhibited in the museum are surprisingly misleading tourists.

The Jizhou city authorities say it has established a joint investigation team and during the investigation period, JiBaoZhai museum will be shut down and the board that bears a title of provincial-level science popularization base being removed.

An official with the Hebei provincial cultural relics bureau disclosed that they haven't received any related materials about JiBaoZhai museum, so have not issued their approval for the certification for its construction.

Similar fake museums are found in many places in China in search of monetary gain, according to famous collector Ma Weidu.

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