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"Longfu Temple" revive the old, foster the young

By Qi Wei (CNTV)

13:56, May 25, 2013

The play uses the landmark as the setting for a compelling tour of Beijing’s history and
folk culture.

Lin Zhaohua’s play "Longfu Temple", opening at Beijing’s Oriental Theater. The play uses the landmark as the setting for a compelling tour of Beijing’s history and folk culture.

"Beijing’s legendary Longfu Temple is a landmark in the capital. The temple’s 600-year history has, however, had its fair share of ups and downs, from the most thriving temple fairs to destructive fires. And that process really thrills theater director Lin Zhaohua. In his latest play of the same name, he ventures to capture and explore the lost memories of this iconic place," CCTV reporter Qi Wei said.

"Longfu Temple" takes the audience on a journey back in time. The 90-minute play features 3 different periods in the temple’s history, from a mysterious fire in 1901, to the great earthquake in 1976.

"It’s a learning process. We have done a lot of research and discovered many interesting stories that few people know about. Like the unique architecture, the stories of famous craftsman and the popular food in the neighbourhood. I think these need to be shared, because I believe sometimes we need a pause button in life, to let us look back and find where we are at present," actor of "Longfu Temple" Gao Yalin said.

This is the fourth time Gao Yalin has worked with Director Lin Zhaohua, the trailblazer and dean of China’s contemporary theater. He’s just come from the Beijing’s People’s Art Theater, where his other play "White Deer Plain" is being staged.

Lin is called "Dadao" in the theater circle, literally meaning "the big director." Although sporting an old man’s grey hair, "Dadao" has a young heart and never hesitates to take on new challenges.

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