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History of National Art Museum of China


08:14, May 23, 2013

Located at the east end of Beijing’s Wusi Road, this building is a symbol of the country’s history and culture.(CNTV)

It’s often said that the architecture of a museum reflects its contents and personality. Well the National Arts Museum is doubtlessly one of the most significant buildings from the 20th Century in Beijing.

Located at the east end of Beijing’s Wusi Road, this building is a symbol of the country’s history and culture.

The museum was designed by Dai Nianci, a prestigious Chinese architect, in 1958. He wanted to inject as much Chinese flavour into the design of the building as possible and also to create a monument that would impress the people, as well as house the artefacts.

"It occurred to Dai when he was designing the museum, that if he wanted to find the perfect treasure house for China’s cultural and artistic relics, then the exterior of the Mogao Caves should be his inspiration. This nod to the caves can be seen in his "nine-floor" design," said Fan Di’an, Museum Director of National Arts Museum of China.

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