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Hobbies of Chinese masters

(Guangming Online)

09:24, May 22, 2013

Zhang Taiyan

Masters always have great knowledge on academy. However, they also have some funny hobbies that are interesting.

Feng Youlan wrote that Pan Guang, a famed Chinese scholar, was curious man. Pan Guang never eats rats' meat until one day he let his family to catch rats at home and cook the rats to feed his curiosity.

Pan Guang's brother in Chongqing was a banker. When he heard his brother's story, he thought Pan Guang was lack of money. So he sent money to Pan Guang and told him never do that again.

Zhang Taiyan, Chinese Nationalism in the Late Qing Dynasty, was fond of eating smelly food. One day, a painter took some smelly food to Zhang which made he very happy and promised the painter's request of wrote calligraphy for him. After that, the painter brought other smelly food to Zhang to ask his calligraphy. Zhang never refused.

Zhang Taiyan's another weird hobby is playing a role as a doctor. He made prescriptions to Zou Rong and Sun Yat-sen. However, as he lacking of clinical experience, his prescription usually did not work for his patient. Besides, he use many expensive medicine which made people could not afford.

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