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Woman loses sight in failed nose job

(Shanghai Daily)

08:35, May 07, 2013

A man has been detained for allegedly running an illegal medical practice which blinded a woman in one eye last month, city police said yesterday.

The victim, surnamed Liu, lost her left eyesight after the plastic surgery performed by the suspect, surnamed Huang, went wrong, the Huangpu District police said.

Doctors in Changzheng Hospital, a local hospital that admitted Liu for treatment, said the chance for the woman to regain the eyesight "is almost impossible."

The incident happened on April 28 when Liu, 20, came to Huang for a nose reshaping.

Huang gave Liu two shots of ossein on the nose.

But later Liu found she wasn't able to see anything.

Cheng Jinwei, a doctor with Changzheng Hospital, said the ossein injected into her nose blocked the veins leading to the eye.

"It's like the eye was hit with paralysis," said Huang.

Liu declined to be interviewed by the local TV channels.

Police said Huang came to the city about one year ago.

Huang, who did not have a license to practice medicine, rented a small apartment which he transformed into a private clinic with bare essentials, police said.

Huang told police that before he came to Shanghai he was in the southern Guangzhou City and worked in a beauty and cosmetic salon.

The plastic material for the cosmetic changes was also bought from Guangzhou.

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