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Macao motor racing history to go on exhibition in Sydney


16:17, May 02, 2013

SYDNEY, May 2 (Xinhua) -- Sydney is gearing up for a showcase of six decades of motorsport history in celebration of the Australian motor sports connection with Macao, the home of Asia's motor racing.

From May 23-26, Sydney will host a free exhibition - Macao Grand Prix: 60 years of Motorsport History - for the sports-mad public, focusing on the upcoming Diamond Jubilee of the globally famous event.

The Lower Exhibitions Hall at Sydney Town Hall, the venue for this 60th Anniversary expo, will be decorated with a series of historic photographs, video coverage of Macao Grand Prix meetings and historic posters from the past.

Tourism information of Macao, including maps, guidebooks and details on the various attractions will be handed out during the four-day event, reflecting the former colony's grip on the Australian imagination.

In Sydney, previous Aussie winner Kevin Bartlett will launch the 60th Anniversary Macao Grand Exhibition at an invitation-only presentation on the evening of May 22.

"My recollections of Macao in the 60s are among my most treasured and favorite parts of my racing career...Up until that time my travel had been confined to the Southern Hemisphere and to arrive on a local liner (the Fat San) into a different way of doing things," Motor racing legend Bartlett told Xinhua.

"The race car was unloaded by many hands from the hold of the ship and placed dockside ready to be taken to the garage area, which was the local naval fleet work station," recalled Bartlett.

"The incessant chatter of strange tongues as orders were given to get the job done safely worried us at first but the crews turned out to be very efficient."

Bartlett, also known by his nickname "KB", took out the Macao Grand Prix in 1969 behind the wheel of a Mildren-Waggott in Formula Libre, the same year he was crowned CAMS Gold Star in Australia for the second successive year.

For consecutive years, Bartlett took out the Australian Drivers Championship and later teamed up with John Goss to win the arduous Bathurst 1000 in 1973. He was named in Wheels magazine's annual yearbook in 2004 as one of Australia's 50 greatest racing drivers, placed number 15.

Bartlett's victory at Macao was the first international Grand Prix victory for the popular Australian driver.

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