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At 12, Ye set to become youngest on Euro Tour

(Shanghai Daily)

08:31, May 02, 2013

YET another Chinese golf prodigy will set a youngest-ever record in this week's China Open.

When Ye Wocheng tees off today in Tianjin, he will become the youngest ever player in a European Tour event, at 12 years, 242 days. The Dongguan schoolboy will be 287 days younger than compatriot Guan Tianlang, who was 13 years, 177 days when he competed in last year's China Open. Guan went on to make more history last month when he became the youngest ever to compete in the Masters, and then make the cut. Ye qualified for the China Open, fighting back from a late double bogey to secure the last of four qualifying places. His coach, Englishman David Watson, says, "Ye's ability to listen and respond is way above the norm."

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