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Stop when you're hungry

By Ye Jun  (China Daily)

08:13, March 20, 2013

The pork tenderloin set meal is a speciality of Saboten Japanese Cutlet at Parkview Green in Beijing. (Photo by Ye Jun/China Daily)

Parkview Green offers some tasty stops when you are tired from shopping, Ye Jun reports.

Parkview Green is the latest hangout for many of the capital's fashionable young people. Just opposite the west side of The Place on Dongdaqiao Lu, the complex is a mixture of office building, shopping mall, art center and hotel.

Besides many eye-catching artworks in the building, there are a few high-quality restaurants worth visiting on the underground second level.

Din Tai Fung, known for its steamed buns, set up a new branch in one corner. It's less spacious than its other restaurants, but the interior design is compact and comfortable, with warm lighting. Wooden frames divide booths with soft seats, for four people, and even for two people.

Some foodies say the crab-roe steamed buns in Beijing, a signature dish, is even better than that in Taiwan, Hong Kong or Singapore. With its abundance of rivers, the Chinese mainland's river crab roe is fresher and therefore taste better.

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