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A Chinese cop chases Jack the Ripper

By Xu Lin (China Daily)

14:05, March 15, 2013

Chen Minghao (right) plays Robert in the comedy-thriller play Jack the Ripper. (China Daily)

As one of the most mysterious serial killers in history, Jack the Ripper, has appeared in numerous novels, comic books, films, TV series and plays. Those with a lingering fascination must be delighted to see director Yang Ting's version - a comedy-thriller play based on the unsolved case.

In 1888, five female prostitutes in the East End of London were killed, with their internal organs removed. Robert, an impoverished assistant detective who was eager for promotion and a salary boost, tried to find the truth through a series of ridiculous interrogations. The fictional figure is based on a British spiritualist, writer and healer of the late Victorian era and early twentieth century known today for claims that he knew the identity of Jack the Ripper.

Yang, once an active theater actress, is putting on her fifth directorial work. There are only three performers in her Jack the Ripper.

Chen Minghao, who played in avant-garde director Meng Jinghui's Two Dogs, plays Robert very vividly.

Zhao Hongwei and Zhao Xiaosu, who often cooperate with Meng, play all the other roles onstage. Both demonstrate their excellent performing skills and gift for comedy by assuming such roles as prostitutes, Robert's wife and police officers.

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