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The last public bathhouse in Beijing - Shuangxingtang

People's Daily Online)  15:05, March 15, 2013  

A photo of exterior feature of Shuangxingtang. Established in 1916, it is a traditional Chinese public bathhouse that is still in service. (Xinhua Photo/ Wang Shen)

Shuangxingtang Public Bathhouse, established in 1916, is a traditional Chinese public bathhouse that is still in service. It is the place where the award-winning movie Shower (1999) directed by Zhang Yang was shot.

The bathing fee here is only 8 yuan (1.2 U.S. dollars) per person, a very friendly price for ordinary people. For most customers, it is also a place for social communication. They come here to make friends, chat, have tea, play Chinese chess, have rubdowns and cupping therapy, have a bath or a shower, enjoying leisure time and relaxation.

There used to be, according to a survey, more than 100 old-fashioned public bathhouses like this in Beijing in 1935, but apparently Shuangxingtang is one of the few that still survive today. Shuangxingtang bathhouse is full of old Beijing flavor. In the lounge, guests play crickets, play chess, silently smoke or have a cup of tea after taking a nice bath.

Zaoyou (friends made when taking a bath) chat over recent events or family gossip. The unique tradition of bathing has been inherited from its opening to these days. The bathing atmosphere attracts them often go for bathing and gathering. (Source:

Address: No.7, Dong Erdao Street, Nanyuan, Fengtai district (丰台区南苑东二道街7号). Phone number: 010-67991513/67991620
Fee: CNY8.

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